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Bookkeeping to an individual or organization, is the daily registration for each detailed financial transactions; sales, purchases, and income; in terms of the recipient and paid, and assume that a person with professional experience of our team. What is recorded in the books of financial data becomes the basis of various financial reports prepared by accountants. If the relatively simple transactions, it may be enough bookkeeping system alone for the company’s accounting system.

The importance of bookkeeping:
1. helps to know its financial position.
2. clarify all financial operations carried out during the day by the Journal.
3. Details of goods in the possession of the merchant in the last fiscal year show and draw the result of each individual account easily at any time.
4. Maintain regular books stating merchant goodwill debtor to benefit from the Magistrate protective feature of bankruptcy.

Our professional competent bookkeeping process calculations for our clients, can make the added value and meet the management needs to help them to take the decision.

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